Support Us

There are several ways to support WJCS:

1. PRAYER, considered to be vital to our ministry,

2. ADVERTISE, tell others who we are and where we are (89.3 FM) so they may receive the blessings that you have experienced.

3. FINANCIALLY, after supporting your church, you may want to consider making a tax deductible contribution by making your checks payable to “WJCS” and mailing them to WJCS, PO Box 8900, Allentown, PA 18105-8900. WJCS is pleased to announce that we have the capability of accepting either VISA, MASTER CARD or DISCOVER. You must call WJCS to provide the necessary information to proccess your contribution via credit/debit card. We are providing this as a service to you and ask that as with all credit transactions, they be handled in such a way so as not to place a financial burdern on the contributor and that they are used applying biblical principles of giving.

Statements are mailed periodically throughout the year and a final year end statement of giving is mailed in January for tax purposes.

WJCS is operated as a commercial free, class A radio station. Our annual budget for 2013 is $105,120 which equates to $12 per hour based on the fact we are on the air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are an affilliate of the Moody Broadcasting Network. Our funding comes from 3 sources. #1 is contributions from our listeners. #2 is from churches that have included us in their Mission Budget. #3 is from a few of the ministries whose programs we broadcast.

Contributions from listeners equate to about 57.5 % of our receipts. Contributions from listeners are tax deductible since WJCS is a 501(C)3 not for profit organization. Statements are mailed periodically and a final year end statement is mailed in January for individual tax purposes.

Local Mission support comes from 18 churches and accounts for 13.1 % of our income.

The balance (29.4 %) comes from 7 ministries that provided program shares. If a listener contributes to a specific ministry and identifies WJCS as the station they heard the program on, some ministries will rebate a small percentage of the listeners contribution to that radio station. This is a voluntary rebate from the ministry and not a requirement for us to broadcast their program.

Monies contributed to WJCS are used for the day to day ministry of WJCS. Some of our expenses include payroll, tower rental, net work subscrition fees, postage, printing, office supplies, equipment maintenance and replacement, phone, insurance, office supplies, licensing fees, plus legal, engineering and accounting fees, as needed. If you have any questions about your contributions, feel free to e-mail or call WJCS.

Your contributions are vital to the work of WJCS. We have no commercials, sponsorship or other fundraising activities. WJCS does not conduct on air “Sharathons” or other fund drives. Public service announcements for other non-profit agencies or orginizations are placed on WJCS at no charge to that agency or orginization.

We look forward to the year 2013 when we can again serve the Lord and strive to be good stewarts of whatever our Lord provides. Our focus is not on finances, it is on bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Lehigh Valley.